DL5AZA online log

An own web database look-up for verification or publishing of QSO data inclusive of capabilities to present background informations on web sites.

"online log" joins log search and web presentation of amateur radio activities.
All QSO data are assigned to an event. Not only field day, DXpedition and similarly activities are events. Also the standard QTH is to see as an event.
To each event belongs one event story page. This is the place to present informations and photos.
None event related informations can be presented on "Xtrapages" in any number.

Depending on your personally preference the focus of "online log" can be set to data verifying or presentation of your amateur radio activities.   "online log" is free.

Log data are used as ADIF export file from the logbook, and imported via file upload.

The application requires Web space with PHP starting from version 4.3 and MySQL-database starting from version 3.23 .
Example online log

Use DL4AST for the call sign search

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