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Licence Agreement DL5AZA - "online log"

The author, Sven-Hendrik Steinweg, provides DL5AZA - "online log" according to his means and ideas under the following licence agreement:

1. Distribution

DL5AZA - "online log" is free of charge, personalized for the user and exclusively to receive from author. After a successfully registering the user receives via e-mail the download key.

2. Warranty and liability

There is not at all warranty and liability. You use DL5AZA - "online log" as is, and on own risk. (The trial-"online log" on the web can be tested extensively.)

3. Internet Service Provider (ISP)

DL5AZA - "online log" is a Web-Application and is processed at the webserver of an Internet Service Provider. The chosen hosting paket needs to correspond to the system requirements of "online log". Note, the data backup system (web- and database-server) should be seen from the web-hosting contract.

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